Although most of my articles and books are focused on project-based work, I made notes along life´s pathways to capture experiences that sparked my interest. Over the decades I jotted down a few events and reflections. While in corona virus quarantine in Rio de Janeiro in 2020, I gathered random jottings and other scraps already drafted into the computer, to meld together these vignettes, mostly for my own amusement. But I imagined that some of the messages might hit home for family or other potential readers. So Since I´m moving into my 80s, I figured I´d better get on with the program!

Here it is, a collection of vignettes, reflecting feelings, sensations and perceptions -- snippets collected at random stopovers in life. They include philosophical tidbits and touch on themes of awareness and mindfulness. You´ll see some of me and maybe some of yourself as you read along. I hope it makes you reflect, smile, maybe laugh, and perhaps motivates you to make your own notes as you journey along.

Paul Campbell Dinsmore
Paul Campbell Dinsmore, was born in California, raised in Texas, as a youth Paul enjoyed basketball, aquatics and wilderness activities through Boy Scout programs.

After completing engineering at Texas Tech, he spent a Peace Corps tour in Brazil providing technical support for a rural electrification project, which became the starting point of an expatriate career in project management consulting and corporate development programs. This led to international travels where some of the tales told here took place. For fun, Paul used to play his banjo ukulele and sang along with a couple of musical groups.
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